Friday, May 23, 2008

Barren Wasteland

I suppose there should be a counter somewhere on the internet to track the number of blog posts and even emails that are posted or sent solely to fill up empty space. Between some blog posts there is a vast wasteland of empty space, with no trace of voice, or mind, or thought. We here at Thwackum and Square have made the cultivation of this space between posts a veritable cottage industry. In fact, we've considered renting out some of our space between posts to other, more cluttered blogs. Some blogs, the kinds with multiple posts per day, have shown quite a bit of interest in the empty fields and rolling hills of nothingness in Thwackum and Square. They've intimated that they, too, would like a life and if they could just have some of our space in their blog they would have room for one. I've told them repeatedly that real life is overrated, but the grass is always greener, as they say. We're hesitant to mess up the pristine whiteness of our blog space, but hey, we've gotta make a living. But I digress.

So I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "this is exactly one of those posts he's talking about - one of the space filling posts that is inferior and a waste of time because it has no substance!" But no, you're wrong, and I'll tell you why! This is indeed a space filling post, but it is NOT inferior, because none of our other posts have substance! So this space filling post is on par with the best of our earlier posts, and thus cannot be lambasted! So there!

But seriously folks, or folk (depending on how many people actually read this), to add some substance I'll now link a few funny YouTube videos. These are NOT necessarily safe for work, or those with good taste. One is, well, loosely translated, "I'm doing Matt Damon" and is funny. The second is a companion piece that, loosely translated, is called "I'm doing Ben Aflec," and the final one is even funnier, unrelated to the first two, and is loosely translated as "My Mr. Johnson in a cardboard container". View at your own risk.

Matt Damon:

Ben Aflec:

It's in a box: