Friday, October 29, 2010

Job interviews

We've been conducting job interviews at work for the past few weeks and I've come to see more and more how wise Dave Barry really is. In his now old and perhaps classic book "Claw Your Way to the Top" he talked about how to make an impression when applying for a job. He gave an example of a cover letter for a resume that sounded like it was written by a superbrain athlete fashion model president. He pointed out that the letter was very impressive, and that it made the author of the letter sound like a complete, arrogant, douche. He suggested that people may not want to hire a douche, even if they're so very, very qualified. Having sat through two particularly tragic examples of over-eager, particularly confident, moderately qualified douches, I can now personally attest that Dave Barry was right again. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and between eagerness and obsession. I've now interviewed two people who are, as Joey said, so far over the line they can't even see the line. "The line is a dot" to them.

Dave Barry recommended submitting a cover letter that was made up entirely of a punch line from a joke. He said that eventually you'd be hired by people wanting to hear the rest of the joke. From where I'm sitting now, this is not a bad idea! I'm waiting for someone to come in with a rabbi joke. They'll probably get my vote.

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