Sunday, November 14, 2010

Worst Game of Concentration Ever

So picture this. You're cleaning out your entire house to prepare for a move across the country and into a smaller apartment. So you're getting rid of roughly a third of everything you own and trying desperately to ensure that what's left is clean, neatly packed, and organized. During this process you have come across approximately 50,000 of those little button cards that come with every piece of clothing you've ever bought. Generally your policy is to throw the little bastards out or into a box for Goodwill, your logic being that if you ever needed such a button, you would never, ever find it again and you would end up replacing all the buttons anyway. But today you recognize one of these 50,000 buttons as coming off your favorite sweater, and you decide to save that button somewhere very safe.

And a day later the sweater shows up with a broken button. Quick! Where did you put the button? In this chaos that is your household in the middle of a move, where is a single, tiny button?

I don't like this game. Not at all.

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