Saturday, September 17, 2011

Joys of pain

I am currently suffering from The Sirus Infection from Hell, or TSIH for short. Now TSIH has been visiting for almost 2 weeks now, and does not seem inclined to leave even when invited to by antiobiotics. One of the joys of TSIH is that it allows, at most, 3-4 hours of sleep because that's how long it takes for mega doses of ibuprofen to wear off, and when they do it hurts enough that sleep is just not really on your mind. Which is why, dear imaginary readers, I'm blogging to you at 5:22 on a Saturday freaking morning. It takes roughly 45 minutes for massive doses of ibuprofen to work on TSIH enough for me to try to sleep. So who knows how much blogging I can get done just now. It could be, as my daughter would say, epic.

But that's not the point of this post, dear imaginary readers. No, the point of the post is that thanks to TVIH I had nothing better to do, nothing like, oh I don't know, SLEEP to do, this morning, but sit on the computer. And as I was sitting here one of my favorite Gifts of Microsoft popped up. Not the Blue Screen of Death, but the Error Report. MS daily queries me if I want to send it a list of the same goddamn 6 or 7 errors it has encountered since I last turned on my machine to them so they can analyze them to help make their software better. I can guess which errors they are, and if I want to spend about 10 hours on it, I can probably get rid of those errors, by unloading a boatload of software and selectively, carefully, re-installing it in such a way as to avoid the errors. Probably many of the errors involve the bloatware that is the latest edition of Nero Burning ROM, which just kind of Sucks, but that, also, is not the point of this post. Or I could spend just about as much time to do a clean install, which you should do every now and then anyway, but that also is not the point of this post. The point is that I never want to send information to Microsoft because they already have enough goddamn information about me, thank you very much, and I really, really don't think me sending them even more information is going to make their software a little better, especially since they're probably not even maintaining this version anymore. So I get to say no, again and again, to Microsoft and that gets annoying when it just reminds me, again and again, of how something's not working on my damn machine with their damn software.

So this morning, rather than sit and say "ow," I randomly looked up this article, and turned Off the damn error reporting feature, and hopefully now I can just not have to do that. Never mind that I am about 99% sure I had turned it off before, and Windows decided to turn it back on for me (Thank you, Windows). But for now, at least, it should be off. Every TSIH has a silver lining.


Seeker said...

I have felt badly that you feel badly. I am sorry I did not see this sooner...I am a watcher here but your posts did not show up at the top of the list and I missed it. I read. Computers are stalkers...remember how SKY NET started in TERMINATOR... :)

Shifter said...

LOL yes, and they rule the world already more than it appeared in Terminator. And I'm feeling better, very slowly but better. Thanks!