Monday, August 21, 2006

Hey, Orange Juice Has Vitamins!

I'm aware that it may be...unconventional, say, to pour yourself a mimosa and call it dinner. Breakfast, sure, but dinner, well, that requires an explanation. To wit:

1. I have a meeting that begins at 10:00.
2. It was 7:00 and I'd been working for 12 hours.
3. Somehow the Italian leftovers in my fridge weren't calling to me.
4. I opened the champagne on Saturday morning. This is pretty much its last day.

The only decent thing to do is to get at least one more glass of champagne out of that bottle. But I have a meeting, so I can't just drink myself into a coma (which takes less alcohol than you might think). Plus I'm still hungry, and I really do need something of nutritional value.

And that's why I'm having a mimosa and watching "The Closer" before I go back to my spreadsheet of a thousand cells. Hey, that makes it a 13-hour day instead of a 14-hour one.

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