Thursday, November 30, 2006

DirecTV is a Gateway Drug

This afternoon I have accomplished the improbable. I have successfully persuaded my DirecTV to stop trying to sell me porn. I'm a geek (I'll pause to let the shock wash over you) and I watch Star Trek. Not all the time (I've seen them all, so there'd be no point in that), but I still enjoy a trek fix from time to time. There's a channel on my DirecTV lineup that specializes in Star Trek. Or at least it used to.

Nowadays when I turn to that channel, I get a lascivious invitation to order a whole lot of porn. I'm not sure how I feel about porn. I know some men who respect women and also happen to consume a whole lot of porn, but frankly, if all other factors are equal, I prefer my men porn-free. Not that I've been given a choice (and all the other factors are so rarely equal).

But I do know that if I have to choose between Star Trek and porn, I'd really rather have the Star Trek. The answer was one of those high-tech solutions that guys go to college for a million years to figure out ("unplug it and then plug it back in"). And my DirecTV is porn free.

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