Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Could it be that I have good karma?

Surely not. But consider the evidence:

I made the shuttle this morning. (This is, in itself, unusual. You may remember my account of actually watching the company shuttle take off as I drove aimlessly around a random rural neighborhood near the municipal airport.) But this morning I caught the shuttle. I even got to sit next to someone personable and entertaining. And then, the personable and entertaining person sold me her treadmill. This is very exciting, since one of my goals for next weekend was to trade my recumbent bike in for a treadmill. Who knew that I'd be so far ahead on my goals by Monday morning?

When I got to Portland, I met my new boss, who shows every sign of being unbearably fabulous. In his "getting to know you" presentation, there was an actual bullet that said, "I trust you to do your job. I do not micromanage." I wanted to weep and hug him, and maybe offer to clean his shoes. He even has a sense of humor (it's not required, but it makes my life a lot easier). My new group is even ENCOURAGING me to get a Project Management certification. It's internationally recognized, and it's free, because they will PAY for it. (Granted, I have to prove that I have 4500 hours of project experience, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.)

When the agenda for today was handed out, events culminated in dinner at a restaurant I loved the last time I was here. I'll admit, my dinner was mildly disappointing, but it was still fresh fish that didn't smell like someone's shoe, and it was followed by creme brulee that was beyond reproach. My new boss even ordered me to finish my coworker's dessert. Seriously, I think he's perfect.

I got to the hotel, and they had a room for me. (Previously, I've found that reservations in no way guarantee a room.) It's an obscenely enormous handicapped room, and it's a very nice hotel that I've never stayed in before. And then, I got a parking space right in front of the door.

Of course, I grew up Catholic, so I have to face the possibility that God is just messing with me. Fortunately, growing up Catholic also prepared me to face things and willfully ignore them at the same time. So check it out--I have some good karma!

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