Friday, April 28, 2006

I am not Dave Gorman

Just when I was thinking that I might not have time for the Daily Show, they do the one thing (well, I'm a consumer whore, so maybe I should say "one of the things") that will guarantee that I will at least fast forward through it on my Tivo--they put Dave Gorman on the show. Last night's program even included one of his trademark charts, which have even more appeal to me now than they did when I first saw them. Once you've seen people present equivalent charts to justify their spending of billions of dollars at an actual corporation, Dave's get a LOT funnier.

Of course, my REAL question was why is Dave in New York, and is there a new show that I can see? Alas, no such luck (at least, not according to his website). Which is probably a good thing, since I could barely afford to drag Siobhan to his Googlewhack Adventure here in Scottsdale, where we were probably the youngest people in the not-so-packed audience. No, seriously--we were in the minority that didn't BYOO (bring your own oxygen) and didn't have to swot up on "that newfangled internet thing" before we went to the show.

I keep hoping for "Are You Dave Gorman" (Dave's quest to find "loads" of Dave Gormans--where "loads" = 54--to settle a bar bet with his then-roommate, Danny Wallace, who later went on to found a cult almost entirely by accident) to play on television here again, so that I can force unsuspecting people to watch it. But Dave is managing himself, shrewdly, as a commodity, and has elected to keep himself scarce.

I hope they have Comedy Central in the Home for the Improvement of Those Addicted to Parentheses. Wish me luck.

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