Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Once again, I have a tale of flabbergasting stupidity. I got a call from one of my analysts this morning to say that her Esteemed Colleague in another department had informed her that our mutually owned system was malfunctioning. Apparently, numbers above a certain value weren't appearing in her part of the joint system while they appear without issue on our side. The Esteemed Colleague, was, naturally, quite strident in her assertion that this was all our fault. The analyst and I looked at the project and found no issues. We called several other people and they also found no issues.

After about an hour of this, the analyst went back to working with her Esteemed Colleague.

They spent all day on it.

Finally at three this afternoon, she notifies me that the issue has been fixed. The Esteemed Colleague had failed to SCROLL DOWN far enough to see the numbers. And for this we wasted untold man-hours of fixit wisdom and at least 6 hours of my analyst's valuable time--time she could have been using to split the financial atoms of our company.

Yet another example of someone who needs to learn about CTRL+F.

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