Monday, June 12, 2006

The Customer is Never Right

So I've had a ticket open on a report that's not functioning well for about six months now. Friday I was told that my issue had been solved and that the solution was ready for me to test. The report had two problems with it, and it could be run two different ways. Elementary math teaches us that they should have looked in four places to see if the problem was fixed.

Well, it turns out that they only solved one of the two problems (they had a go at the second one, but they fixed it backwards) and that one only works for one iteration of the report. Which means my ticket is 25% fixed. And it's only taken six months. More elementary math teaches us that at their current run rate, the report will be functioning in January of 2008. And that's only if they don't break anything new.

I think Initech would actually be more efficient.

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