Sunday, September 24, 2006


You know how I spent yesterday hacking away at my front yard? I worked four hours in the morning, then I went out and did another hour in the evening, and then this morning I went out and raked and swept and made things pretty out there. I was feeling like pretty hot stuff. My father's bringing a saw when he comes for Thanksgiving, and then I'll be able to take care of the last two or three things.

Today I went and did some errands, then I got my mail from Saturday. And what do you suppose I have? A nastygram from the HOA. I know, they could not possibly have known on Friday when they sent the nastygram that I was going to spend all day Saturday doing yardwork. But here's the kicker. The nastygram isn't even ABOUT the front yard. It's about the back yard.

So I went out and spent four hours back there, doing what I could. I doubt it meets their requirements for "aesthetically pleasing" but it's at least obvious that I have made a good faith effort. I have ten days to fix it before they fine me, but I can't do anything else without buying equipment, so I'm thinking of just hiring someone to come and finish it. I know they'll overcharge me, but it will be worth it not to dick around with the HOA any more, especially since I'm so tired that I want to die, and I now have three bags of garbage that won't fit into my dumpster, which is already full of thorny bougainvillea refuse.

On the plus side, I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight. On the minus side, my laundry is not done, and I have a 6 a.m. flight tomorrow.

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