Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blogging from Idaho

Ok, first of all I just have to mock Idaho's name. Granted we didn't have all the linguistic fun that we have when the state was named, but in today's parlance it's so easy. Observe...

Who da ho??
I da ho!

Case closed.

Second, yup, I'm in Idaho visiting my bro and having a very good time. This particular brother is the one who reminds me that in the world of computer knowledge I know about as much as a fairly bright kindergarten student. The man even has his house wired in a sensible and useful way for wired or wireless inter-tubes connections in each room. He also has what appears to be a very safe setup for browsing using Firefox and something called "Noscript," an add-on that requires authorization of any script use on any web page. Not sure if I could get my beloved to use it, as it does add some inconvenience and complexity to everyday browsing (but not all that much), but it's still pretty cool. Of course, the man's job is system security so if he can't keep his home system safe, we're all really in trouble!

Third, well, that's really all I had to say. Who da ho???

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Seeker said...

Glad you are enjoying your visit!