Sunday, July 11, 2010

Internet Sweet Internet (Oh, Yeah, And Electricity, Too)

Sometime Thursday night, after I got home but before I went to bed, the outlets in my dining room mysteriously stopped working, along with two of the outlets in my kitchen. I checked the breaker box, saw that nothing was tripped, and thought, well, there's the end of my expertise, so I went to bed.

In the morning I turned on my radio, and it just stared at me. Of course, I realized. My wireless router lives in the dining room. So no internet, hence no internet radio. Boo! Which also meant...yes, my phone was out, too, because the only phone jack that's actually hooked up is also in the dining room. Still, you don't want to be late for work because you have no internet. Especially not when work has the internet. So I went to work and totally forgot about it until I got home.

All this weekend I have had no home phone (slightly inconvenient), no electricity in the dining room (marginally inconvenient), and no internet or wireless network (hugely, preposterously inconvenient for something that most ordinary mortals, myself included, did not have anywhere until after I was in college).

Tonight I was on the phone (my cell) with my folks, when my father mentioned that I should check all the outlets that had safety breakers on them. This hadn't occurred to me, since the only one I'd ever noticed was the one my hairdryer is plugged into, upstairs, far away from the dining room, and also clearly operational. Then I went down to the kitchen and realized that in fact there were two of them there, too. Including one that was obviously tripped. I pushed the button and immediately heard a bunch of beeping and chirping behind me as all the electronics got back to work.

Huzzah! Oh, sweet, sweet internet. Let's never part again!

P.S. I think this may need I need a new hot air popcorn popper. Didn't they used to last more than five years before they started sabotaging your home electrical system?

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Seeker said...

My computer is one of my horcruxes...there are pieces of me inside it that go silent if the internet goes out.... I find this personal discovery a little disturbing...