Friday, January 19, 2007

At Last, Progress

The scale has now shown a loss three days in a row! Which means that although I probably shouldn't believe the actual number (although I want to, because it's good), I can go ahead and accept that progress has been made.

And thank goodness, because last night I opened the pickle jar at 8:00 and felt as guilty as if I had eaten a pan of brownies. Which reminds me that I must stop on my way home and pick up more bunny food--the carrots are no points, and the pickles I like (spicy bread-and-butter pickles that my mother got me addicted to over Christmas--thanks, ma) are a point for three lousy pickle chips. I honestly didn't think I'd eat 32 oz of carrots in four days, but they are all gone, and I had forgotten how much I enjoy them. Plus, they help cut down on my nervous tension.

The other thing I've been trying to do is add up all my fat calories for the day and stay on the treadmill until the treadmill's "calories from fat" ticker hits that number. It's sobering, and I think it's given me a new way to think about fat in my diet. It certainly gave me a good way to think about the brownies I didn't buy this week--even if I could have scraped the points together, I would have been on the treadmill all week long.

Okay, I'm off to savor my victory by measuring the sugar I put into my tea. Mmmmmm, sweet victory!

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