Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm a genius!

Because I could have told them this. This is why the room that I was in laughed hysterically when our fearless leader said that now that the layoffs at our company were over, everyone must be chipper and ready to go, right? You betcha, honey. We'll be right with you. Right after we finish updating our resumes, absorbing our fallen colleagues' workloads and generally trying to prepare for an uncertain future. But after that, we'll be whistling while we work. Honest.

To her credit, my manager has been a star. She's encouraged honesty when we're overworked and found solutions. In other departments, people are actually being told that it's not overwork, it's an opportunity. Oh, sure, because I was looking at it without my rose-colored glasses. And my crack pipe. I have got to stop mislaying that.

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