Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A quality gap...

Some of you may have noticed a quality gap in posts lately. Katy has been posting about museums where they have stuff on encryption and World War 2, and London, and I've been posting about anatomy in small cardboard containers and sequels to said anatomy. It's a widening gap, and I speculate that soon we'll see Katy posting various observations on the movements of stellar bodies and implications for string theory while I'll be posting short notes to the extent of "*belch* heh heh heh." I've been pondering this growing divide, and have decided that it all comes down to travel. Travel is changing our posts. The thing is, both Katy and I have been or are traveling. She to England, I to the Southwest of the US. I speculate that travel has different effects on us. For Katy it serves as an edifying, growth-oriented experience that stimulates her mind and leeds to cool posts. To me it serves as a stultifying and mind-numbing experience that leeds to fart jokes. The really weird thing is, we both enjoy traveling. So perhaps Katy enjoys stimulation, and I enjoy bodily functions? And no, I won't go into sitmulating bodily functions, casue, well, that's the kind of post I'm talking about.

In any case, until Katy comes back from her quest to the Continent I fear we'll have better and better posts coming from her. And from me, well, I'm back from my vacation so I'll start to slowly rebuild my intellect enough to post intelligently soon. In the mean time, *burp*.

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