Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The return to Hell

Tomorrow I go back to work after more than 2 weeks out of the office. Pity me.

It is my nature that after a vacation I think not of all the great stuff I got to do on the trip, but all the awful stuff that I'm returning to. It is also my nature to realize, now that I've had some distance from all that awful stuff, that I really do NOT like so much of it. About a year ago, when I took my new position, I described it as "the death of a thousand cuts." It's not that any one part of it is overwhelming, it's just the sheer mass of tiny little problems constantly requiring attention and preventing you from functioning in any productive capacity at anything else that gets you. So by the end of every single day you've bled out. And now, after a vacation, when many scabs have healed up, I get to dive right back in. Come on in boys, the water is filled with tiny razors!

So tomorrow marks the resumption of a thousand cuts. $#@! Eventually one way or another I will find a way out of this mess, but until then, dear readers, I'll try to keep the number of anti-work posts to a minimum. Unless they're funny. Then I'll blast them out for your imaginary edification.

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