Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tomorrow is The Day

Well, tomorrow is the day for the marathon. I've been blogging about it, worrying about it, looking forward to it, all that for months. Now that it's here I'm a bit concerned that 1) it's supposed to be a hot day tomorrow (I have a very hard time running in hot weather, see prior posts) and 2) I've got the cold from hell. I've had some good runs while I've been sick, and if it doesn't go into my chest I should be fine. I feel tired and crappy now, but when you start running you tend to forget that and think of how tired and crappy you feel because of the run :o) I'm going to go out with the pace team for a 3:50 goal, which I do not think I'll achieve. But that way when I start to lag, I can drop back by a few minutes and still get under 4 hours. I'm still trying to think positive about it and assume that the sub-4 is still a possible goal. It will be mine ... oh yes ... it will be mine!

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