Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Post In Which I Fail to Handle Stress

So I'm on this project, and I'm working long hours, and the last time I did this I gained ten pounds. So I'm trying to eat right and lose weight, or, failing that, not gain it. And I'm also trying to get ahead of the stress, because phase I of this project was...not so good from a stress management point of view.

So I've been trying to get enough sleep and stick with my meditation program (I fall asleep every time, but I do feel a little better anyway, so I'm going to keep trying). And I've been trying to exercise. The last few weeks I've done a few workouts a week, and this week I decided I was going to work out every night.

Tonight I was at work until 8, and when I got home I had half a mind to just sit on the sofa and eat and not work out. But I went anyway, and came back to watch The Biggest Loser.

And here's the sad part. When Liz gave up her opportunity to view her video from home for Danny, I cried like the first time I saw Terms of Endearment.

I think that means the stress management program isn't working especially well....

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