Monday, October 12, 2009

Today's Surreal Office Moment Brought to You By The Direction "Down"

Systems are meant to be up. Up as in "up and running." Up as in "up and at 'em, rise and shine!"

Our test system is "down." Down as in "Down in the dumps." Down as in, "hey buddy, you're looking a little down. Whatcha doing on that ledge, buddy? Oh, no!"

It's actually our third-party partner's test system that's down. And our third party partner is a bank, so they have today off. You know, for Columbus Day. They were nonetheless extremely responsive. Mostly because I called our dude from the third party partner on his cell phone (I think I woke him up--and yes, I do feel incredibly guilty, but the company I work for is full of hardasses, and they said, "who the hell gets Columbus Day off, call him and be quick about it"). And I said, hey dude, your system is totally down. And he dutifully explained that he would do everything he could to fix it, which wasn't much. He tried to call people in, and, wise people that they are, not one of them answered their phones. Fair enough. I mean, I'm glad that there's someplace where a day off is a day off, even if I don't work there.

So in a valiant effort to get some testing done, I spent most of the day tracking down a dude who could fool our system into thinking that the down system was sending the up system data. And I found him, and he did his magic, and we started up a test. Whereupon the up system promptly threw the data back up all over our shoes. You know, just like a date that you thought was going well but then went south right as you were gonna kiss her at the doorstep.
Which means that I've created work for several more people. So the cycle of life continues. But weirdly, it's 4:00 and I can't do any more testing today. I'm not even sure what to do with myself. It's very, very disturbing.

And I mention all of this, because people ask me what I do. And there's just no good answer to that question. I'm an SAP Business Analyst. That doesn't answer their question. I could tell them about a typical day. See above. That doesn't help them either. I usually just give them a Dilbert cartoon.

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