Monday, November 30, 2009

13 Hours and Counting

My project gets moved to production on Friday.  Or at least, it will if I keep putting in hours like this.  I'm still at work.  Still testing.  Still getting documents all lined up for approval and whatnot.  I would have had a fairly long day today, except that the third party system we are implementing is actively gaslighting me--it tells me things have failed when they have actually succeeded, which took a while to figure out.  I'm not sure whether it's just being stroppy or whether it's just confused because we've done so much stuff in the test system at this point (some of it very ill-advised just because part of testing is making mistakes) that it's hopelessly confused.  I imagine it saying, "I don't know what the truth is anymore, dammit!  Just leave me alone!"
One day down.  Only 18 more days until vacation....

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