Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Running with bronchitis

If one was to assume that one knows someone else who happened to have contracted bronchitis, one could imagine that this individual may in fact take a long time to recover from said affliction. If said individual had also, we can imagine, had H1N1 prior to the bronchitis, such an individual may not have been inclined, or even capable, of exertion for a number of days, perhaps even as much as 2 weeks, as they were suffering from and then recovering from these illnesses. Such an individual, if they were, we might suppose, used to regular exercise or perhaps even a wee bit obsessive about some aspects of exercise, could be predisposed to frustration in such a circumstance. Indeed, we might suppose that this individual would be downright pissed off about not being able to engage in any particular physical activity that they had specialized in. Such as, oh I don't know, just pulling one out of the ether here, running. Such an individual perhaps would even be tempted to go out and run 7 miles in slightly, we might guess, chilly conditions before they had fully recovered from bronchitis. Certainly we could understand and sympathize with such an impulse. Surely we could all picture doing the same thing ourselves, under similar circumstances. Yet, even if we could all empathize, and understand, and even agree, yes, even if that were the case ....

It would be a Very Bad Idea.

Or so I might imagine if I knew someone who imagined someone who had actually tried it.

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Nissa said...

I had the milder form of H1N1.. the one without bronchitis. Two weeks later I ran a little, and it hurt, bad. Three weeks later I ran, it hurts less. Bronchitis sucks. Take care!