Saturday, November 21, 2009

One Heckuva Cuppa

The Moth in NYC had their annual Moth Ball last week, which I again failed to go to. I keep hoping that I'll have someone to go with so I don't have to stand there looking awkward, but next year if I'm around I think I'll just buy a freaking ticket and invest in an anti-awkward strategy (meditation? breathing exercises? or perhaps the old standbys of tequila or valium). The Moth is one of my favorite podcasts, right up there with This American Life, and I know I'd enjoy the live event.

When I went to see if I had in fact missed the ball, I discovered they also had an auction, and one of the auctioned items was tea with Neil Gaiman. ($4400. Because I know you want to know. Mr. Gaiman says "WHY DEAR GOD WHY?" but admits it's for a good cause.

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