Monday, January 18, 2010

There are how many episodes to get through by 2/2?

OK, so last season, I just stopped watching Lost. Somewhere in the whole, "You must come back to the Island" "I shan't" "You must" "I couldn't" "But you have to" "Well, all right then" exchange I just lost interest. I wanted them to go back--there's not much that's entertaining about having them back home apart from Hurley's family and kitchen porn (dude, I'd sleep with Jack just to be able to make coffee in that kitchen the next morning, and his character is so obnoxious that he has long since ceased to be remotely attractive to me). But the whole thing with the will-they-or-won't-they went on one episode too long and I just couldn't hang any more.

But I didn't want to be out of the loop. I so want to be a part of the last season--it's my reward to sticking it out through some of the boring bits. So I kept recording them. Seriously, I have episodes of Lost that are now well over a year old on my DVR. And I don't know anyone who watches it, really, and I didn't go to forums because I didn't want to be unduly spoiled, so nobody was telling me, Dude, you MUST WATCH, people finally made their decisions and although the kitchens are not nearly as nice the "Whoa!" moments are back and I think you'll agree that it makes up for the lack of polished granite.

This morning I didn't want to waste good treadmill motivation by watching Human Target during breakfast, so I turned on an old episode and picked up where I left off. Which, it turns out, is just where things got interesting. I spent the entire morning with my hand over my mouth mumbling things like, "So she's the.... And now he's going to.... And now this is going to go back to the time when he said... Can someone please kick his ass? Thank you. No way!" and so on. Now I'm motivated in a way I didn't think I would be to get to the end of season 5 before the beginning of season 6. Just nobody tell me what's in the shadow of the statue for like, another week. If indeed we have any clue by the end of season 5.

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