Sunday, January 31, 2010

Still Geeking Out Here (or a new timewaster)

Well, I've got a new game to blab about. My nerd index rises rapidly. I'm playing, every now and then, a game called "King's Bounty: the Legend." King's Bounty (without the legend part) was a game by New World Computing way, WAY back when (pre-3d graphics card days but post-SoundBlaster days, if that helps) that actually started the well known Heroes of Might and Magic series (which I've blabbed about before). Bounty: Legend, my current interest, was not made by NWC but is very much in the spirit of the original. Only better, much better. It's got all the cool game play elements that made the HOMM series awesome (well at least the first 3 installments of the HOMM series) plus VERY nice graphics, good sound, a role playing/character driven element, and interesting campaigns. It's really, really a blast and if you 1) own a Windows PC and 2) liked even a little any of the HOMM titles it's worth checking out. You can find it cheap at retail stores (or could a few months back) and I know Steam and Impulse sell it online for cheap from time to time. So you have no excuse for not checking it out.

Except that most of our IR's aren't, to my knowledge, gamers and/or don't run Windows boxes. Those are good excuses. But good excuses be damned, CHECK IT OUT!

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