Monday, April 05, 2010

Creditors at BAM

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is my new substitute for going to London.  They bring a lot of British theater offerings to Brooklyn, and a ticket on the LIE is a lot cheaper than a plane ticket.  Not to mention that I haven't been able to afford and/or procure tickets to a lot of the productions at the Old Vic the last few times I've been in London (some things where I was willing to pay the ticket price were sold out, and some things were just too much for me).  The Donmar Warehouse is one of my favorite London theaters.  They do great stuff, and the theater is an incredible space.  The BAM is importing a recent Donmar Warehouse production under the direction of Alan Rickman, so I bought my ticket first and asked questions later.
Admittedly, after I bought it I noticed some adjectives that give me pause, although given the Donmar's personality I'm not exactly surprised.  Adjectives like "Swedish," "dark," and "fiercely modern."  But my enthusiasm is undaunted.  I have Googled and Wikipediad, and apparently August Strindberg, the playwright, is someone I previously should have been aware of, and Creditors is a battle of the sexes, which almost makes me wish I could see it sooner.  What an opportunity!  Sometimes Brooklyn just really rocks.

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Shifter said...

I need a substitute for going to London. Or I could just get to go to London some day. Enjoy the culture!