Thursday, April 29, 2010

Running up that hill....

That is an awesome song by Kate Bush, from back in the day. The song was also featured in The Chocolate War, which was an awesome book. But that's not the point.

As you might imagine, I was running up a hill today. I was on my usual 7 mile hilly route, and decided to double back on the hilliest part instead of doing a loop so I'd get in more hills. Not sure why. I was climbing up the last hill, and looking up at the top, and feeling tired. I've been tired running lately. It's better now that I'm on taper (I love taper this time) but still not feeling super strong running. But there I am, jogging up the hill, and looking at the top, and feeling tired and crabby. I was wishing that the hard part was over already, or that magically someone would give me a ride to the top, and I had this thought "what would I pay to be up there, at the top, instead of down here looking at it." And then it hit me. I wouldn't give a thing. I was running up this hill because I wanted to, and when I reached the top it would be because I had run up it and beaten it, and I wouldn't want anything to take that away. So I picked up the pace and ran up the hill. And when I reached the top, I was tired and out of breath, but I was still running and I was glad for it. Sometimes I think that describes some parts of life. Just some of them. Lots of other times in life I'd say "f#$k this hill, just get me home" but there are times when you choose to run it and it's worth it.

This ends my pseudo-profound running metaphor. More even cooler posts about computer games to follow, never fear.

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