Saturday, April 03, 2010

Looking back on the blog, I realized one thing

I wanna live in a castle. As long as I can have it wired for DSL and satellite, and I can get a garage door opener (probably for the drawbridge or something). Oh, and there are no ghosts. Castles probably tend to have ghosts. From all the dead people who died in the castle. And no ancient blood stains or anything. That'd be gross. It goes without saying there would be no ancient curses or anything. And carpet. It'd have to have some carpet. And it would have to be well heated. I'd say it has to be roomy, but hey, it's a freaking castle, so I figure somehow or other it's roomy. A fitness center would be nice, but if it was without, I'm not picky. So provided all that's true, I want a castle. Now all I have to do is discover a hidden talent for writing some of the best selling books of all time, and make sure that they can secure me some sweet movie rights, and I'm set. I'll, errr, get right on that.

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