Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The phantom comment

Every time I log onto the blog to enter the post, it announces there is 1 comment to be moderated. For any nonbloggers out there, that means someone has posted a comment that I or Katy have to approve before it's published on the blog. It helps us avoid, say, someone saying that I have a small willie because I'm not a fan of Glen Beck.

Comments are a Big Deal here at T&S. A cause for much discussion and celebration. Mostly because, well, aside from those few IRs reading this right now, nobody reads this crap, much less comments on it. So if someone comments, well, it's startling! Exciting! A real attention grabber. Unless it's a phantom comment.

Sadly, the Phantom Comment has taken up residence here at T&S and it seems here to stay. Every time I log on it screams out that someone has not only read something that we wrote, they said something back to us. Eagerly, sweaty hands trembling ever so slightly, I click on the "review comments" button. And then with now familiar disappointment I realize there is no comment there. At least, no comment visible to human eyes and computer screens. It was all just a cruel hoax, played by the pixelated poltergeist of the Phantom Comment. It's kind of like opening up your email account and being happy to see you have 20 emails, only to find that they're all spam begging you to increase your"girth" with a new tonic for the low low price of 100 yen. But I can't help but check, every time (the comment, not the girth - get your mind out of the gutter, IR!). And thus hope keeps me in the icy grip of the Phantom Comment.



Sara said...

I'll have to start leaving comments more often. Most of them will be "right on, that's exactly right" or "you guys crack me up," but I'll try.

Right on, you guys crack me up.


Seeker said...

That SMALL WILLIE thing and Glenn Beck is a KNOWN FACT....

Seeker said...

And..SHIFTER...I have had a blog for 3 years which you were invited to read...AND DIDN'T! (SHOT IN THE GUILT!)
I did not even know your blog existed until just a few days ago..and I AM READING IT!!! (SELF RIGHTEOUS PRONOUNCEMENT)
Now I have a new blog and I expect COMMENTS!!!! (PATHETIC INTREATY)