Saturday, May 29, 2010

So you think runners aren't crazy

Ok, this is to balance out the last post.

If you think runner's aren't crazy, try this little experiment. Grab a CD, any CD, like, say "Best of Queen." Get in your car, pop in the CD but don't start it yet. Drive to a freeway. Get on the freeway and start the Best of Queen. Look at your watch. Now drive, and drive, and drive. Drive for 7 miles and see how many songs you've gone through (maybe 1.5). Consider how far you've gone, all the scenery you've seen, all the cows you've passed or apartment buildings or Walmarts. This is a "daily" run. Depending on how you train, you'll do 3-5 of these in a week. Keep driving though. Keep listening to Freddy Mercury. Get to where you've gone 13.1 miles. How many songs have you heard now? How many cows, apartment buildings, or Walmarts have you seen? This is the minimum weekend long run. Every damn week. But don't stop driving. Keep going. "I see a little silhouette of a man..." All the way to 20 miles. By now you're out of the city/town/village you started in. You could be in another state (well, if you're in a border town you could). The scenery has probably changed. And you're on a whole new song. This is a "good" long run. You need 4-6 of these in a training season. But don't stop now! You're so close. Keep going. 6.2 miles more. All the way to marathon, baby! Get to 26.2 miles and pull over. Look at your watch. How long did it take you to drive that? How many songs? This is what we spend 2-6 months training for. Just to do that on foot. Now get back on the road, turn around and drive home. By the time you're back (an hour later probably, unless you drive like some of my family) you'll know, we're freaking nuts.

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