Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smartphones Are Only So Smart

So I'm now on my third Droid Eris. My phone effortlessly made the upgrade to the new version of Android and then mysteriously began experiencing weird errors a week and a half later. I took it back to Verizon (fortunately on my way home) and after trying a factory reset they just gave me a brand new phone.

I wasn't worried because I had bought a backup program, but when I took the phone home and tried to access my backed-up data, the program wouldn't accept my password. Fortunately the Android market remembered a fair bit of my stuff, and I remembered the other things I used. Within an hour or so I was back up and running.

Then the next day I started having an issue where people would call me and there was no sound. So back to Verizon, where this time they didn't even bother with the factory reset and just gave me another new phone. This time, having witnessed the failure of the expensive backup program, I had backed everything up two different ways, and restoring everything only took five minutes. And the added bonus is that now I know my backup software works.

And I still love my Eris, which says a lot, I think. I'm also pretty impressed with Verizon. After my previous experience with AT&T, where I had a Samsung phone that reused to keep anybody on the line for more than five minutes, I wasn't expecting such pleasant and trouble-free customer service. (AT&T's response was to ask me to buy another phone.) I'm sure Verizon has its bad times, too, but so far, so good...

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