Saturday, May 29, 2010

Running off the pounds

LB2TR here.

I'm trying very hard to be "in training" so you're just going to have to endure a lot of running posts (what else is new, right). Also, Katy is now running 5K's, so you may get double trouble. You are warned.

Did 13.5 miles today, total of 33.5 for the week, and had a funny thought. As I finished up my 13.5 I realized I had just run off a little more than half a pound. Really. Not water weight, weight weight. Think about it: 3500 calories= 1 pound, 13.5 miles x 130 calories = 1755 calories, 1755 calories / 3500 calories = 50.14% of a pound!

When you think of it, that's kind of amazing. All of us have struggled through diets before, and we've all had those weeks where we work our asses off not eating and find we've lost maybe half a pound. But if you run, you can lose half a pound in 2 hours. Freaking amazing. Of course, what screws you up is that by the time you're running 13 miles you also have the appetite of a medium sized village. But other than that, it's freaking great.

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