Monday, June 28, 2010

Ereader Updates

I've been reading with my new ereader and I love it. I'll post a more thorough account of my adventures in a while, but for right now there are two bits of news today that might interest people who are thinking about taking the plunge into ereader ownership.

I still think it looks a little unsexy, but the PocketBook 360, a very light ereader about the size of a CD case, is now selling for $200 instead of $240. I'm liking this markdown of ereaders. The Kindle is still $10 cheaper, and you can't get books instantly or wirelessly on the PocketBook 360, but it can run some other software, and it's insanely customizable. People who have it love it--and it is a lot smaller than the Kindle and half as heavy, if portability is your thing. There is a thread reviewing it and discussing it here.

And Kindle for Android is finally out, meaning that if I can't find any other version of an ebook, I can buy the Kindle version and read it on my phone. Or any other Android device, should the right thing finally surface. Preferably a right thing that isn't priced at $100 per diagonal inch of screen, which seems a bit excessive (yes, Dell, that means you). I've been waiting for this because I plan to try reading on an LCD and see how it compares with e-ink, and although I can do that already with a lot of Android programs, it's nice to know that if the LCD wins out, I'll have the extra option of dipping into the evil Amazon ebook empire. All the Kindley goodness (and, alas, the same ill-conceived proprietary format) without the homely Kindle itself, which, let's face it, looks a little like the Volvo of handheld devices.

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