Sunday, June 13, 2010

Good news!

Guy Gavriel Kay, who happens to rock, has a new book out!

If you are one of our IR's who has not been blessed with an encounter with Kay in the past, allow me to enlighten you. He's a fantasy novelist who writes smart, well-written, and moderately but delightfully intricate novels. Many of his novels are based on fantasy adaptations of historical cultures and events, such as the Byzantine empire, Celtic England, or ancient Persia. This adds a certain depth to them that is very appealing. His characters are typically fairly dynamic and above all clever. He's definitely one of my top 10 writers and is highly recommended.

So, his new book is "Under Heaven" and the book jacket sounds like classic and intriguing Kay!

And no, I haven't picked it up yet because I'm still on my Wheel of Time quest (book 8 of 12 at the moment) and as a result I've got about 8 books on my "to be read" shelf glaring at me. I'll pick it up when I'm free from the Jordan Quest.

But if you're not on a Jordan Quest, you've got no excuse, now have you?

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Seeker said...

Ok! Consider it in the AMAZON cart...along with GOD KNOWS how many other books...I too have declared NO MORE PURCHASES until I have cleared the 2 shelves of THE UNREAD that I have here at home...sounds like a good author..