Monday, June 28, 2010

If I had a dollar

For every hour of my life that goes into trying to get damn malware off pc's I could buy a new damn pc. This time it's not mine though, so that's better. And it's not my wife's so better still! No, a friend of mine, who only just got her first modern PC ever about 6 months ago fell for one of the damned popups. You know, the "Your PC has a virus and malware and bubonic plague!! Fortunately, RemoveVirusEasyTrustMe 1.0 is available to remove this! Click here to give us your credit card number and your dog and we will remove it for you!" *click* "Thank you! Oh look, we forgot to mention we've got a whole lot more crap to dump on your PC now! Sucker!"

As I have some practice removing these kinds of things (from my wife and another friend, plus my own blunder, lovingly documented in earlier posts) I volunteered to try to fix it. I'm trying the obligatory malware scan to see if I can solve it that way (fat chance) before I just say heck with it and wipe her drive. The fun just never stops.

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