Monday, June 28, 2010

Therein Squats the Toad

I just had to say it, because today in a meeting I so desperately wanted to say it and held back because I didn't want to be involuntarily committed. But you know when you have this whole beautiful set of things that should fit together all nice and neat and then there's this big old bastard of a problem square in the middle making sure that none of the nice pieces can talk to each other? To me, this is the perfect phrase to use when you sense that the person you're describing the situation to finally grasps the ugliness of the problem you must now solve together.

Therein squats the toad.

I feel better now. Thank you.


Seeker said...

OH...I am DEFINITELY going to file that one away for future use...excellent!

Shifter said...

Yeah, I can thank you ahead of time for all the weird looks I'm going to get when I start using this one. Awesome!

Katy said...

I can't take credit--it's from Dharma and Greg, and therefore probably owes its awesomeness to the creative mind of Chuck Lorre or one of his talented collaborators. I would have guessed Don Foster, but another Lorre show, The Big Bang Theory, recently used it as well, and Foster is not listed as a writer there. We'll just have to thank Chuck.