Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did you know...?

Did you know what my typing speed is? No?! Shocking. I was just on a website that tests your typing speed for you (ok, kind of cool if you happen to want to know what it is) and then it informed me that I can now post my typing speed on my blog! How cool is that?! I mean I just know you've all been wondering how long it takes me to type all this drivel, right? Is it minutes, or long, torturous hours? Does it hurt as much to type it as it does to read it? Is that even possible?

Well, now I can tell you! Only to tell you the truth, I just can't. I just can't imagine, even using my very vivid imagination about all our fictional readers (and our 3 non-fictional ones) that anyone actually cares what my typing speed is. It just defies my ability to dream. I do not regard this as a bad thing, however! It restores my faith in humanity.

Granted, I imagine you're just dying to know what computer game I'm playing today. Or my favorite passage in obscure sci-fi or fantasy novels. But not the typing, no, not that. That would just be weird.


roborob said...

Well shit. You get us all worked up, waiting to see how fast you can type, and then you just leave it hanging. You're not secretly that author Katy was talking about in the last post, are you?

Shifter said...

Oh, all right. 101 words per minute, with one error. Since one of our 3 readers asked for it, I'll give it :o) You have now officially blown my imagination.

Seeker said...

WELL THANK GOD! I was almost ready to eliminate you from my reading list because you did not resolve this mystery...!

Shifter said...

Ah no, I have learned my lesson well! Unresolved mysteries, while technically excellent, are likely to incite revolt from the masses ;o)