Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Robot, or Really Perky Employee High on Artificial Sweetener?

I'd like to draw your attention to a comment on my rant regarding the artificial sweetener, Reb-A. It goes like this:

Hi Katy,

I work for ZSweet® all natural sweetener. We use Reb A in our sweeteners because it is an all natural zero calorie alternative to sugar & artificial sweeteners. We believe our Reb A has a superior non-bitter taste & blended with erythritol & other natural zero calorie botanical extracts it's the best tasting sugar substitute available.

I would LOVE to get your critique of ZSweet®... I have confidence you'll love it 'cus I too hate the nasty aftertaste of most sweeteners & get so mad when I find out I accidentally purchased something with sweetener when I'd rather just have unsweetened.

Please let me know if you'd like a sample of ZSweet®. Thanks!

Shifter thinks it's a robot. I think it's a real human being armed with some marketing language and the kind of enthusiasm that can only come from having found one's true calling (or, possibly, from having drunk far too much Reb-A-sweetened kool aid in the ZSweet® canteen--but probably the true calling thing). If I may paraphrase New Model Army, nothing is as perky as the eagerness of innocence, with boilerplate effictios and a gospel of the truth.*

What say you, IR's? Is she a robot, and should I request a sample?

*I know, effictio doesn't scan properly. But I did all this hard work trying to remember that word that Dr. Connelly taught us in Trads I, and it is such a cool word.


Seeker said...

Will you get paid to try this and review it?

You are right about the iphone commercials...they are sweet...who wouldn't want someone who thinks you look REALLY REALLY CUTE when a hairdresser has eliminated your hair?

Katy said...

I think it would be unethical to pay someone to review your product. Presumably that means you expect a positive review. Certainly I'd be very suspicious of a review where the author had been paid.