Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Wednesday Humor

This post at Gizmodo is the best commercial for the iPhone that I've ever seen (and let the record show that I cry when I watch the commercial with the girl whose hairdresser hacked off all her hair with a machete, and tear up when the girl with new braces smiles for her father).

The post also convinces me that I can never again do online dating. You have to find a special photographer with a fancy camera and use the right f-stop setting and find a blurry field that's awash with soft light at 4:00 in the afternoon. And all of that is before you even write a profile that makes you sound witty and intelligent yet fun and approachable, while attracting pleasant humans who don't have hobbies involving machetes (hairdressers, I'm lookin' at you) and ward off unpleasant humans with poor hygiene, questionable hobbies, and frightening personal ambitions, or who were tragically born without a sense of humor. It's enough to make a girl resolve to just add 15% to her budgets for beer and batteries and wash her own damn car. (You can take that as a metaphor or literally. I won't judge you. Much.)

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