Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What I always want to know

Is if they remove 10% of the calories from an item, like say 10% of the calories from a 100 calorie granola bar, whey they have to remove the 10% of the calories that have, oh, FLAVOR. It's like they took out just this one little piece, but all that is left is tasteless crumbs glued together with tasteless goo. And, in the case of granola bars, let's face it, IT'S 10 CALORIES PEOPLE! IT'S A FEW TIC-TACS AND A LIFE-SAVER. Surely, we can get along with the extra 10 calories if it will allow us enough flavor to face the rest of the day without ripping out our own tongues.

My apologies if I've had this rant before. I can't recall and don't really feel like doing a search for "granola bar shaped $#%!" to double check. I imagine our IR's could be as forgetful as I am, though, so perhaps it's all to the good.

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