Tuesday, April 07, 2009

More on Doctor Horrible!

I know you've all been missing it - more raving and fun about DocHorr. Well, here's your fix for now. Sure, it's about 9 months out of date, but here is a link to the NPR story on Dr. Horrible himself!

Some interesting factoids and quotes:

"Working on the Web gave Whedon a new kind of creative freedom. He declines to disclose exactly how much the production cost, but says it's in the low six figures."

"This is not just fun video. This is what we've all been waiting for," says Saffo. "It's completely new. It's not a copy of what we did on TV, and it's not a copy of the things we've been doing on the Web so far ... It's a new kind of video experience. And who would have thunk that Doogie Howser can sing?"

The first, quote, above, struck me because I think Joss Whedon needs lots of creative freedom. I base this almost entirely on Firefly, because that was an awesome series, one of my favorites ever, that was cancelled halfway through the first season because the studio just didn't get it. I think obviously a sizeable fan base did get it, because DVD sales were terrific, but it was canned and that was that. So a medium where good ol' Joss can just run with it strikes me as a Good Thing.

So check out the NPR story - it's only 4 minutes long, and a quicker read if you're in a hurry. Happy Tuesday.

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