Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No Damn Poems

I had this wild urge to post a poem that I had written (several years back) in the blog. And then, well, common sense woke up and I realized that would be a Bad Idea. For several reasons. First, reading Other People's Poetry can often be an exercise in confusion/boredom/agony. Admit it, you've had that feeling. "Oh, err, a poem, uh, yes I'd love to read it." And quite often they're good, but the initial dread is still there. I'm glad people are that polite - I've inflicted my poetry on others several times, but I don't want to inflict suffering on an imaginary readership this large. Second, if I post a poem this will officially become a Diary Blog.

There are so many, many things wrong with that idea. How can two people co-write a Diary Blog? It could get pretty odd, don't you think? Dear diary, today I went on a date! No I didn't, I'm married! You see what I mean. Also, and I mean no offence to those with Diary Blogs, I just don't like them. I don't like hearing about every detail of people's lives. If I read a blog, I want it to be something that someone at least thought was tangentially related to something entertaining. I know, the linux box post was stretching it, but still! The thought of reading a blog with post headings like "Did I tell you I cried today?" kind of gives me the heebadabajeebies. *shudder* Yes, I know our audience is largely imaginary, but even my imagination is not so wild that I can picture our readers enjoying hearing about my breakfast, lunch, dinner, and random childhood memories. So consider yourself safe, dear readers, from Shifter's bad poetry. Sleep well in the comfort of that knowledge :o)

PS - for lunch it was soup and a bowl of beans. So there.

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