Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad breath?

I have a question, dear imaginary readers, that I'm afraid you'll be unable to answer.

The question is this: Do I stink?

I ask because in the past 2 weeks I have had 4 people approach me to say that they are leaving my team at work or trying to leave my team. At least 3 of these people will be successful. My team is about 15 people right now, so I'm looking at about a 20% reduction in force at a time when the Big Cheeses upstairs will not hire anyone to replace anyone else. To them, of course, this is a Good Thing. People leave, we don't replace them, and the budget looks better. My team, on the other hand, looks lots and lots worse.

So I'm wondering about causes for this sudden diaspora away from my group, and one hypothesis to be considered is that I emit a fowl odor that is unpleasant and drives others away from my presence. I do shower, and brush my teeth, and I seldom smell myself, but perhaps I'm just used to it. I'll be watching to see if daisies wilt as I walk by, birds and bugs drop from the sky in a daze, and so forth. If any odors transmit over the internet as you read this be sure to let me know. If this is what's going on, perhaps a change in career is in order. I could hire myself out as riot control - a kind of walking tear gas canister. Or I may have a future as an exterminator. It's always nice to have a new talent, after all.

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