Monday, July 13, 2009

Patrick Rothfuss Fans

I'm not sure if this is possible. I'm not sure if there are Patrick Rothfuss fans reading this blog who are not also checking his blog regularly. It would just be weird. But since I'm all about using my imagination in this blog, imagining the readership, as I imagine you all know, I could, potentially, imagine a reader here who hadn't checked his blog. And if there was a Patrick Rothfuss fan reading this who had not checked his blog lately, said reader would be grateful to me for pointing out that Mr. Rothfuss has an extended interview linked to on his blog and it's probably worth watching if you are, in fact, a PR fan. I found it interesting enough to miss a bit of sleep over, if nothing else. And it's always nice to see what a skilled writer talks like, if you know what I mean. I very much enjoy what he writes like, so the question is always there - does he talk that well? Don't look to me for answers, check it out yerselves.

Oh, and if I were to imagine readers who did not know who PR is, he's a fantasy author of one, count it, one book. That book, Name of the Wind, happens to rock. And he's a very amusing blog writer. So he rocks, at least moderately. And there you have it.

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