Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I love used bookstores!

I went to Barnes and Noble the other day to spend my Fathers' Day gift card. And spent it I did, on some good stuff. But there was other stuff I saw, and didn't buy, because I knew I could find it at the local Half Price Book store. That's a chain around here that sells used books. Used books stores rock. So this evening I took my girls and we raided Half Price Books. I got two hardbacks, three paperbacks, and a DVD and they got six books and the whole thing came to about $50. It would have cost about $150 at B&N, so Half Price more than lived up to its name. The problem with places like that is it's so tempting to buy just one more book because it's so cheap and sometimes you get crap you won't enjoy. But usually I do enjoy it, and I just freaking love books, so there ya have it. A little slice of heaven in a strip mall. Half Price Books. I got couple more econ "lite" books so I'll let you guys know how they compare to the Logic of Everyday Life book I blogged about a while back. Not sure why, but I'm on an economics kick at the moment. Go figure!

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