Monday, July 13, 2009

Running report

Well, it's been quite some time so it's time for another fun filled running report.

It's been a while because running has been filled with suckage to some degree since the marathon. I haven't wanted to whine too much, and if you can't say something non-whiny, don't say anything at all. Speaking of which, did I ever tell you that my wife used to wear a purplish red nail polish called "Wine with everything?" It was actually quite pretty, and it was even better because it was easy to make fun of: "Are you wearing 'Always Whining' tonight?" "I really like that 'Whine at everything'" and so on. She doesn't wear it anymore, but I don't think it's my fault. But I digress, endlessly.

So, after the marathon I thought I'd just jump right back into 20-30 mile weeks and go from there, with the idea of being ready for a marathon coming up 4 weeks from now. Only my body wasn't cooperating. It wasn't that I was injured, I was just really tired. Every time I went out I felt like I was running twice as far as I was. And it didn't help that the marathon was at the start of True Summer here in the Only Sometimes Frozen North. True Summer starts whenever we have a blast of 90+ weather, with some humidity, and when it hits it stays for a while. It's here now. Recalling the human salt lick thing, and the sweats like 3 normal men and a gorilla thing, you can guess how much I just love to run in the heat. So now I'm running very tired, and very hot, and it was just not working. I was pooping out on long runs that just weren't that long. One time I walked a good few miles of a 15 mile run, and a few weeks later I gave up and called for a ride at mile 8 of a 10 mile run. I realized perhaps I needed to rest. Which I hate, but my body wasn't taking no for an answer. It got to the point where I did only 7 miles one week. And the only time that happens is when I'm injured. Or now.

Well, as you can see, not much to report on for most of that time. This past week, after a lot of going downhill, I decided to try to get back in the saddle. Monday and Wednesday I did 7 miles each, at a respectable pace, went out at lunch on Friday and did just 4.5 (too hot) and then yesterday I went out for 13.1. I had tried to do that twice before this and bombed out both times, but this time I made it, and did it at a decent pace (1:55). The weather was good, which helped a lot, and I tried very hard to keep the pace reasonable. Part of my problem is that I keep wanting to run like I"m in great shape and, relatively speaking, I'm not at the moment. So now I've got to work my way back up the ladder to where I'm doing the 20 milers and then I'll be set for the next marathon.

When I told some running buddies about my post-marathon running they just laughed. I know, I know, you're supposed to take a full month of reduced running after a marathon but I just thought I would not need that this time. In the past I've gone just a week or two and then been back at it, but I think I just really took a lot out in that May marathon. When I tried that this time, the results were as I've described. Grrr. So a humbler, slower me is taking to the trails now. I'm just incredibly relieved to be able to get at least some distance in. There, now you're all updated and can sleep better knowing the running career of Shifter is plodding along.

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