Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It May Be Time... join the 21st century. First there was the Android phone. Then there were the relentless requests for me to join Facebook. Friends have actually begun withholding photos of their offspring. "You can see them on Facebook." Okay. I'll just imagine your kid's first tutu. Mmmmm, pretty.

But it might be Twitter that finally does it. I was prepared to admit it had its uses (calling out bad customer service, shaming corporations that make stupid mistakes) but until I started reading Roger Ebert's twitter feed, I really didn't think it had the power to entertain me. Now I find myself coming back for more, not just for the 150-character insights ("Women tweet about feelings. Men tweet about stuff. I have stuff, so I tend to follow women. Women tweeters startle me more.") but for the great recommendations. I came to I Watch TV Shows for "If poor decision-making had a theme song, it would be that sound pants make when your thighs rub together." and stayed for "Sunday Movie Recommendation: Broadcast News (1987) -- The best romantic comedy I've ever seen. At least of the ones that mention date rape."

So I guess I'll have to try harder to get with the program. Can I still tell kids to get off my lawn? Oh, crap. OK, I have to try harder to get with the program, and then I have to get a lawn....

and then I'll go to my twelve-step program for giving up ellispes.

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