Saturday, March 20, 2010

Really, really old school

It's possible that I've mentioned my fondness for old computer games. Once or twice. A day. Well, I'm really going all out now. My current pseudo-obsession is a very old, old classic called Might and Magic I. M&M1, (which was the first in a series of no less than 8 games, by the way), was a Wizardry style, party based, RPG. I suppose the graphics were a step up from Wizardry (which was the grand daddy of this type of RPG) but a huge leap backwards from, say, Bard's Tale (same genre, similar time frame). I have no idea why I started playing it but I picked it up from (Bless them - that site rocks) and I'm surprised to find how much I'm enjoying it. The graphics are truly laughable, the sound is PC Speaker based (meaning it's, well, just awful. If you remember sound on PC's before Soundblaster you know what I'm saying), and it's long and difficult to boot. And I'm loving it. I even got to sector edit the save game to max out some stats so I didn't get killed every 10 minutes. Ah, the nostalgia. This thing came out in 1987 and it's how I spent chunks of my high school life. I, uhm, didn't get a lot of dates back then (had you guessed?) So, if you're bored, geeked out, and old school head to GOG and pick it up. Otherwise I will return you to your regularly scheduled Saturday afternoon activities.

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