Monday, March 01, 2010

The Magic Is Back

The gal who sits next to me is back from vacation.  I missed her while she was gone.  Partly because she is the guru for a substantial part of our accounting solution, and in her absence there were many, many questions that were answered with an awkward silence.  Partly because we go for coffee every morning.  Partly because she reminds me to eat lunch, which I frequently forget to do.  (I forget until about 4 p.m.)  But mostly because I smile about 1000% more often when she's here, and my abs get a workout from laughing so hard.  She is a quote machine (every movie from about 1940 to 2009 is in this massive quote database in her head, as well as the collected works of Eddie Izzard and Lewis Black).  Nobel laureates dream of someday excelling at something the way she excels at sarcasm.  She's funny and entertaining like a Spencer Tracy/Katherine Hepburn movie. 
She talks to herself ALL DAY.  It would bother some people.  I really missed it while she was gone.

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