Thursday, March 19, 2009

Belated Insight on Cramer v Stewart

I have been super busy lately, driving back and forth between my new job and my soon-to-be-old home in Brooklyn, as well as catching up on the intricacies of said new job and the new industry and new humans that I need to know to get the new job done.
And that's my only excuse for being so late to point out James Poniewozik's terrific commentary on the Jon Stewart/Jim Cramer smackdown on the Daily Show last week.  James's blog, Tuned In, is one of our links, and I read it as often as I can, because it's funny and astute and has a journalistic integrity that I don't normally associate with media focused on television.  This commentary really underlines those standards, and I would have been really, really proud to have pointed it out in big bold letters the day he posted it.
But I didn't.  So, with shame, I humbly submit that if you enjoyed the smackdown or any of the pop-culture confetti that fell around it, you should really read Jim's comments, because they are, as usual, witty and insightful.

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